Garage Rebuild


Clients Visions

The clients approached us as we were building a large wraparound extension in there street and asked if we could call around for a survey as they were thinking of rebuilding there existing garage and turning it into an office/art studio.So we arranged a survey with the client and advised them that they would not need planning permission as this was already an existing building to the back garden the client was very happy as they did not need to go to the cost of planning permission and meant they could start it straight away.


The Rebuild

The clients wanted to rebuild the garage with cavity walls and insulation they also wanted to install 3 large upvc windows and a door so when they would be painting they would get lots of light coming you can see we had to be extremely careful as there was a power line for the metro behind the garage.There were also access problems for digging machinery so this had to be taken down and all the trenches dough out by hand ready for the foundations.