Kitchen Refurbishment


Clients Visions

The client contacted us and wanted to know if we could come up with a design for their kitchen. As we are a design and build company we were able to take on board what the client was wanting to achieve. So we got our architect and structural engineer to come up with a design and structural calculations for local authority approval.


Kitchen Refurbishment

As you can see this was not just the run of the mill replace a few kitchen units. This was major structural re-design of the existing kitchen and incorporating the existing garage adjoining the house. We had to be extremely careful when removing the original chimney breast wall as there were gas and electrical supplies boxed in down the side of the chimney breast. Once we had all the props in place holding the 1st floor and the chimney breast up we were able to get the 4 universal beams lifted into place and bolted together ready for the local authority building inspector.


Problems We Overcome

Whilst the kitchen was being refurbished we found that the existing timber floor boards and joists were rotten. We advised the client to inspect the floor boards and joists themselves. The client then asked us to remove and renew this section of floor. As we were carrying out this work we discovered the sleeper walls were virtually none existent “this is what supports the floor” so we rebuilt these in strong concrete block. During the time this was being carried out the client asked if it would be possible to have underfloor heating that would give out as much heat as the radiators so they could have more wall space. We got straight onto our suppliers Myson and advised the client what we would have to do to achieve this for them. As you can see we managed to design this for them and have it fitted and tested before the natural stone floor tiles were fitted.