Loft Conversion


Clients Visions

The client contacted us asking if we could give them an estimate for there loft conversion.The client advised us they had already had planning permission granted from the local authority so we arranged a survey of the property.The client wanted 1 large bedroom and a bathroom to the loft conversion and the staircase to match the existing staircase in the house with a large argon gas filled window to the gable end of the house to let as much light in over the new staircase as possible.The client also wanted 3 velux windows to the front and 1 velux window in the bathroom and a large dormer window to the rear of the house and a new roof consisting of rosemary tiles to keep the property looking traditional.


The Conversion

As you can see this was not just a straight forward loft conversion this was major structural construction work.This involved removing sections of the roof structure and replacing with larger roof rafters.This was also to allow for the large amounts of insulation that had to be installed between the rafters.We also had to install large floor joists spanning from the internal brick wall to the external walls.As you can see we also had to tie the roof rafters and the floor joists together using bolts and plywood gussets this was to create what is known as an “A FRAME” this stops the roof from separating.